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We’re Still Here!

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Customers and friends, sorry we’ve been out of touch for a while.  Ken and I have had a very busy year so far.  Apart from normal day jobs and responsibilities, some significant life events have occurred for both of us; I got married in March and Ken’s oldest daughter was married in June as well, so we apologize that we haven’t kept you up to date on our beekeeping activities this year.

We’re still here, however, and have had some good success with our hives so far.  We currently have 11 hives in three locations around Harvey and Marion county, and we anticipate pulling honey from 5 or 6 of them.  You may be wondering when you can buy honey from us; the answer is soon!  We’re actually planning on pulling supers from hives at the end of this week and extracting honey on Saturday!

After this weekend we will be selling honey (hopefully) at the Harvey County Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, or directly to you outside of market times.  Feel free to send a message here, on Facebook, or to our email if you’d like to purchase some honey and we’ll figure out a way to get it to you.

We’ll be selling 1lb bottles for $7 and 2lb bottles for $14 again, with the possibility of comb honey for $12/package depending on our harvest this weekend.  Thanks for your continued support; we really appreciate it!

Sugargrove Apiaries

P.S. I’ve taken some photos and videos during some of our work this year, which you can check out on our Facebook page.  Let us know if there’s a process you’d like to see documented or are curious to know more about!

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